Integrative Health Care; Dr. Gwenn RosenbergI am thrilled to be joining Third Stone Integrative Health Center, a clinic that holds a high standard of excellence in medicine. Dr. Procyk is a leader in the field of integrative health care and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her. We share a similar approach to medicine as well as a dedication to learning and teaching. Anne is also a dear friend whom I love and respect on a personal level.

As a doctor, I am able to combine my curiosity and love for learning with my joy in connecting with people. It is an honor to guide people in the process of recovery from illness onto the path toward wellness. I enjoy exploring an expansive range of possibilities for diagnosis and root cause, then help people focus on the most critical and fundamental factors that will support their body in healing. I often envision that I am sitting with a patient and we are putting together a large jigsaw puzzle that gives us a picture of their unique needs.

Integrative Health Care with a Focus on the Most Critical and Fundamental Factors

My tools for diagnosis are similar to what you have encountered with other doctors, however, I tend to ask more questions to focus on the complete medical history. The clinical history of how a condition began and evolved often provides information that cannot be determined from labs, physical exam, or diagnostic imaging. One of my goals is to treat conditions before they reach the level of pathology that shows up on an x-ray or through other testing. For example, if someone has a significant family history of breast cancer, I order yearly mammograms but I do not wait to see if a cancer develops. Long before a mammogram shows a problem, I will help the woman optimize her diet, reduce her exposure to chemicals, and enhance her immune function to prevent cancer.

Education on Treatment Options

When it comes to deciding on which treatments to use, I educate people about the different options available to them, and how they will help the issue. Many times one option is a food or exercise recommendation and another option is a nutrient or herb. I like people to be able to decide how active of a role they are able to take in their healing process. Most people will use nutrients or herbs in the short term for recovery then use food as medicine for long-term maintenance.

Joining Third Stone Integrative Health Center is a wonderful opportunity to continue practicing medicine with a colleague who is “on the same page.” Together, we will continue providing excellent care to our patients and to the community.

Contact the office to make an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg