Third Stone Health serves people of all ages.  We provide both primary care as well as certain speciality services. Whether you come in with a hangnail or a heart attack, our doctors will help you feel your best.  All patients receive:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of health concerns, with thorough analysis and explanation of how various symptoms and problems relate to each other
  • Orders for any necessary testing
  • Individualized treatment program to restore health if necessary, and maintain optimal functioning for the long term
  • Consultation with or referral to other physicians when appropriate
  • Primary care, including physical exams and lab testing
  • Same day visits when needed for acute illnesses (for established patients)
  • Alternatives to typical prescriptions for medications
  • 24 hour “on-call” availability
  • Preventive medicine, including risk factor evaluation and treatment for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer