Dr. Anne Procyk, a leader in the field of natural approaches
to mental health and a frequent speaker on the topic, is now the author of
“Nutritional Treatments to Improve Mental Health Disorders.” In this book, Dr.
Procyk teaches how personalized integrative medicine can uncover and correct the
true underlying causes of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar.

 When pharmaceutical
management of these conditions so often falls short for so many people, she empowers
both patients and practitioners to use nutrition and other evidence-based non-pharmaceutical
options to achieve a higher level of health and happiness.

The book includes:

  • How to correct the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that contribute to mental health symptoms
  • How to feed your brain the right food to optimize focus and performance
  • Strategies to improve sleep
  • How to identify common hormonal imbalances misdiagnosed as mental illness
  • Case studies
  • Handouts to empower clients

What People Are Saying

“Easy to read information for improving health…I encourage my patients to buy a copy!”

“Great book to supplement my practice”

“Great book easy to read. Deep in to details.”

“Easy straightforward information on the importance and facts of nutrition and how it affects all of us no matter your situation or illness.”

How to Buy

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If you are local, the book can be picked up in our office in Essex, CT at 3 Wildwood Medical Center. Call to reserve your copy at (860)661-4662