Anne Procyk, ND

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Dr. Anne Procyk is a naturopathic physician and the founder of Third Stone Integrative Health Center.  She has been practicing as an integrative primary care physician for 15 years, seeing thousands of patients and developing a keen understanding of the complex relationships between physical and mental health.  In addition to serving her busy practice, she currently teaches seminars nationwide on “Healing Chemical Imbalance Without Drugs: Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Mental Health Disorders.”



Gwenn Rosenberg, ND

Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg, Third Stone HealthDr. Gwenn Rosenberg loves her work and enjoys the life-long learning that is part of being a doctor. She chose to study integrative medicine after noticing that, for herself and others, treatment with natural medicine often causes people to feel better than they felt before they became ill. Dr. Rosenberg always asks why a symptom is happening and works to address the root cause of symptoms so that her patients can have the energy and vitality to enjoy life more.