Evidence-Based Medicine

You can find many different “magic” supplements that have claims of preventing cancer, promoting weight loss, clearing your skin and making you feel younger. We all wish that these were true. Unfortunately, there are many instances where herbs and nutrients that have no research to back them up are touted to cure all kinds of diseases. Even when there is a herb or nutrient that has shown to be effective for a given condition, there is very little quality control on most supplements (more on this in a later blog post). A great example of inflated health claims coming from

Understanding Your Body

Both Dr. Procyk and I are dedicated to helping you understand what is really going on inside your body. We spend time explaining what diagnoses mean or how different parts of the body function. We observe that people achieve greater wellness when they have the knowledge and information to be able to address their physical needs. Understanding Your Body through Education Many physicians blame patients for not being proactive about their health but I often notice that people do not really understand what is happening when they have conditions like increased blood pressure or diabetes. They relate to their diagnosis

I Want to Get off My Medications

“I want to get off of my medications.” Many people come to me wanting to discontinue their pharmaceutical medications either because they are experiencing unpleasant side effects or because they “just don’t like the idea of taking medications.” I often support people in getting off of medications but sometimes I talk people into staying on those medications because they may be the very best treatment. In other words, some medications are prescribed unnecessarily and others are life-saving treatments. Restore Balance to Eliminate Need for Medications I generally do not prescribe something to directly substitute a medication. Substituting herbs for a

Treatment Based on Cause

When people ask me how I treat a particular condition, I often answer “it depends.” As a functional medicine doctor, I treat the cause of the symptoms instead of managing the symptoms. For example, in pharmaceutical medicine, seasonal allergies are treated with an antihistamine. Antihistamines block the signal that your immune cells send out when they encounter an allergen. The antihistamines stop the allergic response at one of the last steps of the process. Functional medicine treatments for allergies are directed at correcting the root cause so treatment for allergies may include treatments for immune changes that begin in the

Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine Conventional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Medicine….What DO they all mean?

It can be confusing! So let’s define some terms…at Third Stone Integrative Health Center, we practice functional medicine, and integrate our approach with other specialists. Functional Medicine Functional medicine means asking, “Why is this symptom happening?” When the doctor asks, “why?” instead of just treating the symptom, the underlying cause of the symptom can be determined. Knowing the underlying cause guides us to the treatments that work more deeply and more completely because they address the root of the problem. For example, if you have high blood pressure, a conventional doctor will typically prescribe a medication to lower the blood

How does it Work at Third Stone Health?

Some people lament the loss of the small-town doctor style: they wish they could have a doctor who really knows them and treats them like family. Other people are happy for modern medicine’s powers of technology as well as the added expertise of working with a group of doctors. So how does it work at Third Stone Health? We use aspects from the best of both worlds: you will have the deep relationship with your primary doctor, along with the support of additional doctors and staff when needed. Working with Third Stone Health Your primary contact at Third Stone Health will

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