Some people lament the loss of the small-town doctor style: they wish they could have a doctor who really knows them and treats them like family. Other people are happy for modern medicine’s powers of technology as well as the added expertise of working with a group of doctors. So how does it work at Third Stone Health? We use aspects from the best of both worlds: you will have the deep relationship with your primary doctor, along with the support of additional doctors and staff when needed.

Working with Third Stone Health

How Does it Work at Third Stone Health?Your primary contact at Third Stone Health will be either Dr. Anne Procyk or Dr. Aylah Clark. On the first visit we will take a thorough health history – get ready to be asked more questions than ever before in a doctor’s office! This process is to understand your health as deeply and completely as possible. Instead of focusing on just one symptom, we will figure out how all your different symptoms affect each other. Every visit you have with your doctor will enhance this process, and you can trust that when you show up for an appointment, you are going to see your doctor, who knows you.

When acute situations arise, you can schedule same-day appointments with your doctor. If your doctor happens to be out of the office, you will see another doctor who understands the work you have done with your doctor and will review your records before you arrive. Even after hours, there is always a doctor on-call 24/7, to make sure you get the care you need.

At Third Stone Health, it is not just the doctors that care for you. You can always count on Liz at the front desk to help you with any scheduling, insurance, or pharmacy issues you may have. Our team will provide you with that old-fashioned service, and top-notch modern medical care!

Call us today to experience true health care: the highest quality medicine practiced with genuine caring.

Dr. Anne Procyk