Seasonal Allergies

When people ask me how I treat allergies, I often answer “it depends.” As a functional medicine doctor, I treat the cause of the symptoms instead of managing the symptoms. Because even seasonal allergies can have many different possible causes, there are also many possible treatments. Seasonal Allergies In pharmaceutical medicine, seasonal allergies are treated with an antihistamine. Antihistamines block the signal that your immune cells send out when they encounter an allergen. The antihistamines stop the allergic response at one of the last steps of the process. In functional medicine, seasonal allergies are treated based on asking why the

Evidence-Based Medicine

You can find many different “magic” supplements that have claims of preventing cancer, promoting weight loss, clearing your skin and making you feel younger. We all wish that these were true. Unfortunately, there are many instances where herbs and nutrients that have no research to back them up are touted to cure all kinds of diseases. Even when there is a herb or nutrient that has shown to be effective for a given condition, there is very little quality control on most supplements (more on this in a later blog post). A great example of inflated health claims coming from

I Want to Get off My Medications

“I want to get off of my medications.” Many people come to me wanting to discontinue their pharmaceutical medications either because they are experiencing unpleasant side effects or because they “just don’t like the idea of taking medications.” I often support people in getting off of medications but sometimes I talk people into staying on those medications because they may be the very best treatment. In other words, some medications are prescribed unnecessarily and others are life-saving treatments. Restore Balance to Eliminate Need for Medications I generally do not prescribe something to directly substitute a medication. Substituting herbs for a

How does it Work at Third Stone Health?

Some people lament the loss of the small-town doctor style: they wish they could have a doctor who really knows them and treats them like family. Other people are happy for modern medicine’s powers of technology as well as the added expertise of working with a group of doctors. So how does it work at Third Stone Health? We use aspects from the best of both worlds: you will have the deep relationship with your primary doctor, along with the support of additional doctors and staff when needed. Working with Third Stone Health Your primary contact at Third Stone Health will

Your Integrative Healthcare Team

Many people wonder how a naturopathic physician fits with their other doctors and whether they will need to leave their trusted primary care physician to work with Third Stone Integrative Health Center. If you have a trusted doctor or other providers, we encourage you to maintain your relationship with those providers. You are the captain of your healthcare team and you get to call the shots. We will help you build the right team for you, because you never have to choose between pharmaceutical/conventional medicine and natural medicine. Integrative medicine means bringing together the best of all worlds of medicine.

New Doctor at Third Stone Health

I am thrilled to be joining Third Stone Integrative Health Center, a clinic that holds a high standard of excellence in medicine. Dr. Procyk is a leader in the field of integrative health care and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her. We share a similar approach to medicine as well as a dedication to learning and teaching. Anne is also a dear friend whom I love and respect on a personal level. As a doctor, I am able to combine my curiosity and love for learning with my joy in connecting with people. It is

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