Health Tech Resources: App for Discovering Personal Root Causes of Digestive Symptoms

Cara is a fantastic app that helps people correlate digestive symptoms with foods, menstrual cycles, sleep, water intake, pain, stress and physical activity. When I heard about this app I thought "finally, my dream app exists" because I have been wanting a way for people to track multiple factors that relate to digestion that includes different ways to look at the data. This app was designed by doctors and has reliable ways to track subjective symptoms. I found that this app is easy to use and after around one to two weeks of using it, I found that the data

The Many Causes of Diarrhea: Individualized Treatment for IBS-D

I am surprised by how many people receive a diagnosis of IBS-D (diarrhea type) without ever getting dietary counseling about elimination diets or avoidance of dairy products. People with IBS-D are often prescribed antidiarrheals like Immodium. When people with IBS come to see me, I ask them questions about their diet and the age of onset of their symptoms as well as any known triggers. I have had two cases of long-term undiagnosed Giardia infections that caused intermittent diarrhea but the vast majority of the patients I see for IBS have great improvements with diet changes or digestive support. The

Experiencing Adult Onset Food Allergies?

A recent article in the New York Times brought my attention to a study that is currently in process about adult-onset food allergies. I have seen many patients who develop allergic symptoms later in life. When I suggest that the symptoms may be related to a food, people often respond with “but I have eaten this all my life.” I am glad to see that researchers are looking into the question of how and why food allergies develop because I often see patients with severe and life-altering symptoms from immune reactions to foods. There is a significant difference between food

Premenstrual Syndrome

I see many women who have heavy, irregular, or painful periods and do not mention PMS because they assume that PMS is “normal.” Premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as migraines, irritability, fatigue, and depression indicate that there is an underlying hormonal imbalance and there are many natural therapies that correct hormonal imbalances. Short-Term Treatments for Premenstrual Syndrome In conventional medicine, PMS is treated with birth control pills or antidepressants and these work well for many people. I think of these treatments as short-term treatments because if estrogen and progesterone remain out of balance, the woman will someday experience heavy periods, painful

Pain With Intercourse [Dyspareunia] and What You Can Do About It

As part of my gynecological intake, I ask women about pain with intercourse because women often do not report pain with intercourse to their medical providers. There are many possible reasons for this but the one that concerns me the most is that many women are told that it’s “normal” to have pain with intercourse at a certain age or after childbirth. As my colleague, Anne Procyk, ND says, “it may be common but it is not normal.” Pain with Intercourse is Common, but Not Normal Pain with intercourse is very common. I have read estimates that range from ten

Local Resources: Advantage Personal Training

Physical activity and physical fitness are absolutely essential to feeling well and preventing disease.  At Third Stone Health, we talk about ways to incorporate exercise into your life and our recommendations are different based on your individual goals and the kinds of activity you enjoy.  We make specific recommendations including apps like Sworkit or My Fitness Pal, discuss strategies for exercise that help you get more benefit out of the time you spend exercising and we connect you with resources that support you in making physical activity an enjoyable part of your life. Over the years, I have had many

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