Advantage Personal Training, Third Stone Integrative HealthPhysical activity and physical fitness are absolutely essential to feeling well and preventing disease.  At Third Stone Health, we talk about ways to incorporate exercise into your life and our recommendations are different based on your individual goals and the kinds of activity you enjoy.  We make specific recommendations including apps like Sworkit or My Fitness Pal, discuss strategies for exercise that help you get more benefit out of the time you spend exercising and we connect you with resources that support you in making physical activity an enjoyable part of your life.

Over the years, I have had many patients join Advantage Personal Training on my recommendation or of their own accord.  Without fail, they come back to me with excitement about the improvements they have seen and their experience there.  I admire and appreciate the work that Greg Drab, the founder of Advantage Personal Training and his associates are doing.  Not only do they keep up with the latest in exercise science, they also approach each person as an individual and help them develop physical strength and cardiovascular health.  I have heard people of all ages, sizes and fitness abilities talk about the positive and fun environment that the trainers create.

Here is an interview with Greg Drab:

Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg: What is different about Advantage Personal Training vs other gyms?

Greg Drab: We offer a solution while most gyms rent equipment.  People come in with a problem and we come up with a program for a solution.  We provide support and also accountability. 

Dr. G: What are some examples of problems that people come in with?

GD: With the okay from their doctor, we work with many people who have diabetes.  We start where they are and go from there.  I like to talk about what exercise does for regulating glucose.  We also work closely with their physician.

Dr. G: How do you determine what a person needs and what type of program to suggest?

GD: We always do an evaluation that includes written forms as well as a functional movement screen before people start working out.  We identify their goals and help them come up with a plan to meet those goals.  People do not have to work with a trainer every time that they come in but that is an option.

Dr. G: What do you do when people have injuries or problem areas?

GD: We have a physical therapist in the facility.  Sometimes people work with the physical therapist or we consult with the physical therapist to determine what kinds of modifications need to happen.

Dr. G: How and why did you become a trainer and start this gym?

GD: As a 12 year old, I discovered fitness gave me confidence and structure.  I love that I was able to turn it into a career.  I take my passion for fitness and share it with others.


Here is what client, Penelope Sherrard has to say about Advantage Fitness:

I have been a client of  Advantage Personal Training since September 2012 and have participated in private, semi-private and team groups.

Owner Greg Drab and all of the trainers are extremely capable. They are both encouraging and sensitive to their clients’ requirements, medical conditions, and physical abilities.  They are obviously very passionate about the field of training, as well as nutrition, and all continue to research and study in their fields. They have the ability to encourage people to work beyond their expected capabilities, but are also able to determine when a client’s true limits have been reached. I consider this to be an exceptional quality in a trainer.

They also emphasize the importance of varying the workout routine, which has obvious physical benefits, but this makes training mentally interesting as well.  They keep a constant watch over their clients during workouts, during private as well as group sessions.  They seem to be able to detect even slight variations in form and will constantly correct as necessary.

I’ve gotten so much support from all the trainers AND from their clients. It is indeed like a family whose members deeply care for each other. I cannot stress this enough – I always feel like I’m joining a group of friends while exercising. And it’s even fun! I look forward to going there 4 times/week. How many gyms have clients who say that??!!

A few of the advancements I have made at APT are:

  • I feel stronger and in better condition overall.  Since starting there, I have seen continuous, progressive improvement.
  • I’ve lost weight, even with making no substantial changes in eating habits.
  • My blood pressure has decreased dramatically.
  • Mild COPD causes me breathing problems, but there has been a substantial reduction in these problems with the trainers’ emphasis on proper breathing.
  • I find that I continue to correct my breathing and methods of handling everyday physical movements throughout my day.  APT training carries over to my day-to-day activities.
  • Emotionally, I’m much stronger. Happier all day. This was an unexpected improvement!
  • With APT’s guidance, I continue to modify some of my eating habits to help with overall health.

Greg Drab and all of the trainers are both professional and compassionate with their clients.  It is obvious that they truly love their work.  Workouts with them are really the  best part of my day.

Here is a video for more information about the gym and their 15 day program:

Dr. G: I cannot say enough good things about the trainers at Advantage Personal Training.  I am grateful that Greg Drab had the vision to create a place that gives people the tools and skills to improve their physical fitness and enjoy the process.  It is with great confidence that I recommend this group of trainers when people are looking for more in-depth support and guidance to meet their fitness goals.  Advantage Personal Training is located in Mystic and there is a new facility opening soon in Niantic.

There are many great resources in our community and I see it as part of my job as a doctor to connect people with the people and organizations that will support them in developing healthy habits.  Stay tuned for more interviews with people who provide services to the community.