Health Tech Resources for Cabin Fever

It is easy to use weather as a reason for letting physical activity fall by the wayside.  I find that the same people who say they can not exercise because it is too cold, often find themselves saying that they cannot exercise because it’s too hot only one month later.  So unless we want to limit our physical activity to one month out of the year, we need to find ways to bring physical activity indoors or find activities that we enjoy during each season. Here are some of my favorite resources for exercise routines that you can do indoors

Exercise for Arthritis

When your joints hurt, you may feel like you want to avoid physical activity. Pain is exhausting and it is also often a signal that we should stop doing what we are doing to avoid injury. With arthritis, physical activity is one of the most effective pain relievers (with only positive side effects) but it takes a significant amount of willpower to get moving when your body hurts. Arthritis-Friendly Physical Activity The Center for Disease Control says: “ Participating in arthritis-friendly physical activity improves pain, function, mood, and quality of life without making symptoms worse.” In the clinic, I have seen

Local Resources: Advantage Personal Training

Physical activity and physical fitness are absolutely essential to feeling well and preventing disease.  At Third Stone Health, we talk about ways to incorporate exercise into your life and our recommendations are different based on your individual goals and the kinds of activity you enjoy.  We make specific recommendations including apps like Sworkit or My Fitness Pal, discuss strategies for exercise that help you get more benefit out of the time you spend exercising and we connect you with resources that support you in making physical activity an enjoyable part of your life. Over the years, I have had many

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