It is easy to use weather as a reason for letting physical activity fall by the wayside.  I find that the same people who say they can not exercise because it is too cold, often find themselves saying that they cannot exercise because it’s too hot only one month later.  So unless we want to limit our physical activity to one month out of the year, we need to find ways to bring physical activity indoors or find activities that we enjoy during each season.

Here are some of my favorite resources for exercise routines that you can do indoors without equipment:

Apps and Online Resources:

SWorkit: A free app that has options for strength, cardio and yoga workouts as well as stretching routines. It also provides challenges and workout programs.  You can start a workout within 3 clicks by selecting what type of workout you want to do and then you can choose the duration of the workout in 5 minute increments.


7 Minute Workout: this is the workout that includes the exercises that give you the most benefit per minute spent working out.  All of the exercises can be done anywhere. In fact, I have done this workout in my office and in an empty part of an airport before. 

Here is an infographic that you can print out:

And here is my favorite 7 minute workout app: or in the app store under 7 minute workout by Perigree.


Workout videos on Youtube

There are all kinds of free workout videos on Youtube. Here are some of my favorites:

Jillian Michaels:

Billy Blanks Tae Bo:

Yoga with Adriene:

Beyonce: “Move your body” Full workout routine:

Physical activity is essential to feeling healthy and vibrant.  If you find that pain or fatigue keep you from exercising, we can help you identify what is causing your symptoms so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.