I often prescribe diet changes to patients for treatment of conditions, weight loss or for general overall health. Diet changes are challenging because often people have trouble finding new foods that they like to prepare and eat. Here are some meal planning resources that can support diet changes for long-term success.

Making Meal Planning Easier

The Fresh 20

This is an easy-to-use meal planning service that helps you increase your intake of vegetables and whole foods and/or avoid dairy or gluten. For $1.50-2.00 per week, you get a shopping list with 20 items and recipes for a week’s worth of meals that are designed to be delicious and easily prepared. You can choose between vegetarian, classic, gluten free, dairy free, kosher, paleo and meals for one.

Health Tech Resources, Meal PlanningMy family uses this meal planning service. In the past, we had half cabbages or extra celery decomposing in our fridge but these plans are designed to use all the vegetables you buy within the week. My favorite part is that we get to have exciting new meals all the time. I have yet to try a recipe that I don’t like from Fresh 20.



Treehouse Table

This free app allows you to enter dietary restrictions like no dairy or no eggs, and choose a diet profile (Heart Healthy, DASH Diet, Low Fat, Low Carb, Zone Diet).  You can adjust for the number of servings, budgetary, and prep time considerations. This program will even search your preferred grocery store for sale items and choose recipes based on what is on sale. This often means that you will be eating fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Once you enter your preferences, Treehouse Table will produce a weekly shopping list and meal plan. I have tried some of these recipes and they have been wonderful but not quite as flavorful and interesting as the Fresh 20 meals.

Treehouse Table:  for iOS      for Android


Meal planning is essential to success for diet change and these resources will support you in making meal plans and shopping lists. There are many diet plans and options out there and we can help you find the one that is right for you.