Amelia Lord is a brilliant chef who provides a combination of nutritional knowledge with an ability to create food that makes people look forward to savoring every bite.

Amelia inspires me with her creativity. I first saw her teach a class about packing healthy lunches and she shared ideas about making delicious and beautiful vegetables for adults and children that changed my lunches forever. I do a lot of talking and thinking about ways for myself and my patients to eat more vegetables but usually that’s with things like chopping onions and freezing them or replacing any rice or pasta in a dish with a bag of frozen vegetables. Amelia takes it to a whole other level by demonstrating different ways to cut, season and prepare vegetables that make them exciting and delicious.

In her classes, Amelia also shares lots of ideas about how to make vegetables more enticing to children- and her ideas actually work with my three year old!

In the community, Amelia teaches cooking classes and is a personal chef. She said she is most inspired by cooking for people who are recovering from a medical procedure or going through chemo. She also loves working with people who are changing their diet for general wellness or due to a specific medical condition.

Her love of cooking healthy foods began at a young age and was inspired by her mother who followed a macrobiotic diet to help herself recover from osteomyelitis and her father who was a vegetarian. At this time, very few people were talking about whole foods diets or organic vegetables. Her mother was a reflexologist and her father was a chiropractor. She states “using food as healing was a part of my experience growing up.”

Her understanding of food goes beyond nutrition and flavor. She talked to me about how food is “more than nutrients in your body, it is also about community and connection. Everyone has to eat multiple times per day and that experience should be enjoyable.”

Her work brings that statement to life. She has helped many people find ways to make food preparation and eating healthy food more enjoyable. Amelia also models a joyful and positive connection with food that inspires others to eat healthy foods not because they “should” but because they enjoy preparing and eating the foods that also make them feel well.

Both Dr Procyk and I often prescribe specific or general diet changes because the foods that people eat either help or hold back their progress towards wellness. We help people identify which foods are the best for them as an individual. Sometimes we recommend foods for treating a specific condition like pre-diabetes or constipation and sometimes we recommend dietary changes for general wellness and disease prevention. Amelia Lord is a resource for people who want to move towards incorporating more vegetables and whole foods in their diet and want inspiration, guidance or support in that process.

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Also look for cooking classes that Amelia will be doing at the Essex office on February 15th and March 29th