Nurture NestI often have patients who are pregnant, or new parents ask me where they can learn more about cloth diapering and natural baby products.  In the past, I had no good answers for people who wanted this kind of resource, but then two women, Korie and Knikka, started a business that meets that need in our community – Nurture Nest.

Nurture Nest: A Natural Parenting Options

Nurture Nest is a natural children’s store in Niantic that is a true haven for parents and families.  Korie and Knikka founded the store after considering becoming doulas.  Korie had been running an in-home daycare for years and wanted to become more involved in the community.  Knikka had experience and passion for working at a natural baby company in Montana and realized when she moved home to Connecticut that there were no resources for natural baby products in the area.  They both wanted to support people with natural childbirth and natural baby care and this led to the birth of Nurture Nest.

I have personally experienced that what Knikka and Korie have created is a “storefront community” that supports people in becoming parents much in the same way that doulas help women give birth. Nurture Nest offers the community information about natural child care as well as support in the massive transition that occurs when people become parents.

Nurture Nest is a comfortable space that I went to for information about cloth diapering, baby carriers, and breastfeeding supplies.  Korie and Knikka are very knowledgeable about these topics and always glad to share their knowledge. 

Babywearing is a great way to have physical contact with a baby while also having your hands free.  I did a lot of babywearing with my son and it was a connecting experience.  I always loved how his head was right there for me to kiss.  One thing I see often in my patient population is people having back problems because of carrying their children on a hip or wearing a baby carrier that is not good for their back.  Similarly, if the fit is not right for a baby, they can be uncomfortable or have trouble with their hips.  At Nurture Nest, there is a broad selection of carriers and Korie and Knikka will help you find one that fits you and your baby well. 

Nurture Nest is a Safe Space for Parents

Nurture Nest, natural parenting, Third Stone HealthNurture Nest is also a safe space to be in the gritty parts of parenthood.  I have on multiple occasions walked into Nurture Nest and shared some less-than-perfect parenting moments.  The understanding and support of Korie, Knikka and other parents helped me be a better parent while being more accepting of my own imperfections.  Nurture Nest is a safe place for people to share their experiences, get information, have a melt-down or to just get reassurance that they not the worst parent in the world.  Korie and Knikka often laugh with parents about how none of us really know the right way to do anything but we are all doing the best we can.  They respect the parenting style of each person who comes in and work to connect people with community resources as needed.  I look back on my own transition into parenting and I feel deeply grateful that I always knew I had the haven of Nurture Nest.

Nurture Nest has a community room where they offer groups, classes, and workshops that include:

  • Toddler art classes
  • Prenatal yoga
  • Play groups
  • Cloth diapering classes
  • Guided meditation
  • Photo mini-sessions
  • Gentle parenting circle

I (Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg) teach some classes for the Nurture Nest Community including:

  • Introduction to essential oils
  • Natural bug repellents
  • Herbs for Children
  • Baby Basics
  • Breastfeeding Basics

They will do infertility outreach in the future and may offer group support for people who have experienced a miscarriage. 

Also, stay tuned for a possible Nurture Nest diaper cleaning service in the future.  Many people in the area do not use cloth diapers because they do not like the idea of cleaning them.  As Korie says “some parents don’t want to touch poop.  As a parent, touching poop is inevitable but a diaper cleaning service makes it easier.  More people would use cloth diapers if they had a diaper cleaning service available.”  Until the cleaning service is available, Korie and Knikka have great advice and information about different strategies for cleaning diapers. I can tell you from personal experience that once you have a system, cloth diapers are easier than disposable diapers.

Korie says “I love what I do.  I love connecting with parents and watching them have that ‘aha’ moment. I want to connect people with all different parenting styles so we can support each other in our struggles.  I have met some amazing people here, we live in a community of people who want to help”  She says that one day she still wants to be a doula but I think she already is a phenomenal one.  I want to personally thank Korie and Knikka for creating such a beautiful community space and I personally and professionally suggest that anyone who is becoming a parent or wanting to get a wonderful gift for a family with young children check out Nurture Nest. 

Nurture Nest is located at 9 Methodist St, Niantic, CT 06357.  You can call them at (860) 691-1099.  For more information, visit their website.