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Local Resources: Nurture Nest – A Natural Parenting Storefront Community

I often have patients who are pregnant, or new parents ask me where they can learn more about cloth diapering and natural baby products.  In the past, I had no good answers for people who wanted this kind of resource, but then two women, Korie and Knikka, started a business that meets that need in our community - Nurture Nest. Nurture Nest: A Natural Parenting Options Nurture Nest is a natural children’s store in Niantic that is a true haven for parents and families.  Korie and Knikka founded the store after considering becoming doulas.  Korie had been running an in-home

Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine Conventional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Medicine….What DO they all mean?

It can be confusing! So let’s define some terms…at Third Stone Integrative Health Center, we practice functional medicine, and integrate our approach with other specialists. Functional Medicine Functional medicine means asking, “Why is this symptom happening?” When the doctor asks, “why?” instead of just treating the symptom, the underlying cause of the symptom can be determined. Knowing the underlying cause guides us to the treatments that work more deeply and more completely because they address the root of the problem. For example, if you have high blood pressure, a conventional doctor will typically prescribe a medication to lower the blood

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