This morning I learned a friend from high school had passed over the weekend – much too young at 45, stolen by cancer. Today also happens to be my father’s birthday, who also died at 45. I had woken up this morning determined to “be productive, get a few blogs written.” But what use is “productivity” in the face of all that matters that most in life, on a gorgeously sunny day that we have preciously few of? To me, it’s why I do what I do. I care passionately about helping people live as happily and productively and long as possible. That is why I became a doctor, and why I started Third Stone Integrative Health Center.

Welcome to Third Stone HealthThe world of medicine can be daunting, scary, and full of pain and disappointment. But it also can be a source of help and healing in times of crisis. No single doctor has the answer for everything, but a team of smart, skilled, compassionate practitioners can impact your health, and your life, in profound and sometimes surprising ways. At Third Stone Health, we will help you truly understand your unique health situation, whether it is simple or complex. We will then work with you, as a team, to provide the best of all worlds of medicine.

Personalized Care at Third Stone Integrative Health

Most people have had a mix of experiences with “conventional” medicine. Some people have also explored “complementary,” or “alternative” medicine, with varying degrees of success. At Third Stone Integrative Health you will experience a kind of health care most people have not been lucky enough to receive: a personalized and ongoing relationship with a primary care physician who specializes in getting to the underlying causes of your symptoms/disease, and accessing the best and least invasive interventions for your specific needs.

Future blogs will explain this approach in more detail. Please read the bios of Dr. Anne Procyk and Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg, two physicians dedicated to optimizing your health. We look forward to teaming up with you achieve your goals, because optimal health empowers you to do better and enjoy more of what matters most in life.

– Dr. Anne Procyk