Dr. Procyk offers private consults via video conference.


To schedule a consult, please call Third Stone Health at 860-661-4662.  Liz will work with you to schedule a visit that is convenient for you.

You can choose a typical 60 minute first visit, or an extended 90 minute visit.

What to expect at your first consult:

When you schedule your visit, Liz will guide you through the connection process.  At the time of your visit, make sure you’re connected to a computer in a comfortable, private location.  Dr. Procyk will review your medical history and work with you to develop an effective plan.

Medical Intake Form:

Prior to the first consult, I request that you complete a medical intake form that will be emailed to you.  This information will greatly facilitate  making your first consult more productive.

Please have the following readily available at your first consult:

    • The actual bottles of any prescription medications, vitamins, supplements, and/or other over the counter medications you take
    • Any recent lab and imaging results that you have copies of

Follow-up visits:

Follow-up visits are determined entirely by your individual needs.  Typically a follow-up visit lasts 25 minutes, but may be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of problems involved.


Initial consult:

60 minute visit: $250

90 min visit: $350

Follow-up visits:

25 min: $125

45 min $200

60 min $250

Extra time that was not scheduled for will be billed at $30 per 5 minutes.