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Your Integrative Healthcare Team

Many people wonder how a naturopathic physician fits with their other doctors and whether they will need to leave their trusted primary care physician to work with Third Stone Integrative Health Center. If you have a trusted doctor or other providers, we encourage you to maintain your relationship with those providers. You are the captain of your healthcare team and you get to call the shots. We will help you build the right team for you, because you never have to choose between pharmaceutical/conventional medicine and natural medicine. Integrative medicine means bringing together the best of all worlds of medicine.

Welcome to Third Stone Integrative Health

This morning I learned a friend from high school had passed over the weekend - much too young at 45, stolen by cancer. Today also happens to be my father’s birthday, who also died at 45. I had woken up this morning determined to “be productive, get a few blogs written.” But what use is “productivity” in the face of all that matters that most in life, on a gorgeously sunny day that we have preciously few of? To me, it’s why I do what I do. I care passionately about helping people live as happily and productively and long

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