Lipedema: An Underdiagnosed Cause of Weight Loss Resistance

Have you experienced weight gain, particularly in your legs
or arms, and had significant difficulty losing it? It could be a condition
called lipedema.

Lipedema is a common condition that almost exclusively
affects women. It involves accumulation of fat (adipose) tissue in the legs and
sometimes arms. The affected area can often be painful to the touch, have a nodular
texture, and easy bruising. Though many people have not heard of the condition,
some estimate that as many as 11% of women may be affected.

The weight typically comes on after a hormonal change, such
as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. [...]

Hello from Dr. Clark

I am so excited to be joining Dr. Procyk and becoming a part
of the Third Stone Health team. I truly love practicing naturopathic medicine
and feel so fortunate to have found this path and this practice. Now entering
my 5th year in practice I am honored to have played a role in the
health of so many patients and look forward to all those I will meet at Third

One of my specialties is a condition called lipedema which is a fat disorder, primarily affecting the lower extremities but sometimes the arms, and it almost exclusively affects women. [...]

Welcome Dr. Aylah Clark

Third Stone Health has a new doctor! Dr. Aylah Clark has joined Third Stone Health, and will be bringing her expertise in treating hormone conditions, lipedema, lymphedema, and more.  (Check back next week to learn more about all the different conditions Dr. Clark finds solutions for, as well as more info on her specialities!)  Her work is rooted in deeply understanding the science supporting her treatments, and applying it holistically and effectively to each unique individual she treats.

“I would like to bring the science into natural health and infuse the nature back into medicine.”

-Dr. Aylah Clark

                Just a few weeks [...]

Community Resources- Full Heart Farm

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Allyson, the founder and farmer at Full Heart Farm. Full Heart Farm is a beautiful, sustainable farm in Ledyard, CT that uses the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model to provide healthy farm-fresh food to members and local restaurants. Community supported agriculture describes a system where people pay a farmer in the spring to have a share in the harvest which means they receive a bag of fresh-picked vegetables each week.   Allyson loves her work and her connection with members.  She said “there is nothing more important to us than [...]

  • Amelia Lord, Personal Chef
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    Community Resources: Amelia Lord- personal chef and cooking teacher

Community Resources: Amelia Lord- personal chef and cooking teacher

Amelia Lord is a brilliant chef who provides a combination of nutritional knowledge with an ability to create food that makes people look forward to savoring every bite.
Amelia inspires me with her creativity. I first saw her teach a class about packing healthy lunches and she shared ideas about making delicious and beautiful vegetables for adults and children that changed my lunches forever. I do a lot of talking and thinking about ways for myself and my patients to eat more vegetables but usually that’s with things like chopping onions and freezing them or replacing any rice or [...]

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Wellness day fundraiser for Jonnycake Center of Westerly

Please join Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg and Acupuncturist Gregory Fessenden to raise funds for Jonnycake’s domestic violence advocacy and SPLASH summer meal program for children in need.

Location: 20 S. Anguilla Rd, Pawcatuck, CT 06379

10AM – Free “Grocery Store Superfoods” talk with Dr. Gwenn Rosenberg.

$25 for 30-min acupuncture or 20-min massage
$50 for double sessions.
Relieve pain–naturally. ALL PROCEEDS go to Jonnycake.


Sponsored by The Day and Sun Publishing.


For more information about the Jonnycake center: