Pain With Intercourse [Dyspareunia] and What You Can Do About It

As part of my gynecological intake, I ask women about pain with intercourse because women often do not report pain with intercourse to their medical providers. There are many possible reasons for this but the one that concerns me the most is that many women are told that it’s “normal” to have pain with intercourse at a certain age or after childbirth. As my colleague, Anne Procyk, ND says, “it may be common but it is not normal.” Pain with Intercourse is Common, but Not Normal Pain with intercourse is very common. I have read estimates that range from ten

Health Tech Resources: Meditation Apps

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve memory, focus, and mental well-being and regular practice improves sleep quality. When I first heard about these studies on mindfulness meditation, I imagined that to get these benefits, one would have to spend at least an hour per day meditating.  I was surprised to find out that even five minutes can make a difference in stress hormone production and improved sleep.  There are many local resources for learning about mindfulness meditation with a group or counselor.  I highly recommend joining a group if you would like to deepen your practice but these apps

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